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To us, it's not just stuff. 

As brothers, we were raised to respect tradition and value the quality of sentimentalism. Our Italian grandmother wrote down when and who gave her a gift each time she received something. Tradition and sentimentalism are important, especially when you're going through a time of change. At Brothers Estate Sales and Auctions, we recognize this and think of our grandmother each time we enter someone's home. We think she'd approve of our approach. It honors what she taught us.


Take a moment to review the services we offer our clients. If you need something that is not listed, give us a call and let's discuss. 

What We Offer

Our services are requested for a variety of reasons: Downsizing, moving, a death in the family, estate planning, divorce or relocation to an assisted living facility. Whatever the reason, we offer families our years of expertise, backed by research, to ensure every need is met during the transition process. 

Reach out today to discuss how we may assist you. 

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